Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh My Gosh- Where did March Go???

Wow, now was that a fast month or what? I cant believe I started the ADSR Challenge with Michaele and we are finished and I didnt even get our layouts posted here - or anything else for that matter.
It has been very busy with the ADSR, the crazy weather we have been having.
Had Rosie in the Hospital for a week and hospital visits daily will really
knock ya for a loop, sure did me! Trying to keep up with challenges - well
not doing well in that dept. I had to drop Deco Pages Sunshine Team, my heart
was just not in it and not enough time in a day to be a good team member.

Having fun at Digital Scrapping Garden - I think I have found my home...After
The Scrapping Garden closed and then the Second Scrapping Garden tried.... and
couldnt quite get off the ground...Im am comfy and pray that this one will be
good to go for many years. Think it would break my heart if this happened again.
The bonds between the scrappers is a special one, like family and is an important
part of life.

Big Bear is finally out from under 9 feet of snow over the month of January and
it is finally melting, although they may get another storm later this week and another foot of snow! It was 86 here today and gorgeous - this storm will drive
the temps down to the 50's or lower and snow level at 3000' (we are at 2500) so
we will brace for the worse. One of these days I will get my patio cover finished
Wire brushed it today and pick up the stain tomorrow, after our Easter Grocery Shopping and GrammaRosie visit is done. So will have to wait for dry weather again.

Hope everyone has a Blessed Easter and I will be back when I have more time and have made some goodies to share.

Love ya all.