Friday, September 17, 2010

Wow - Its the end of September

I am not sure where my September 1st post went - it looks like it started another blog :( Wish I knew how to get rid of it - maybe Michaele can help tomorrow.

Nothin much new here - we are still traveling a little each week. Went down to Menifee to visit Roger and Marliese and went to the Indian Casinos - We had a great time and a great visit. They just moved down there a couple months ago from Prescott AZ, so nice to have them alot closer !!! Mike and Roger have been friends since they were little guys, is so much fun listening to the two of them talk about the old days - and times and friends that we found were more common than not (Rogers 1st wife was in my class, lol) Small world.

Bob and Reni moved to Menifee with their daughter till their home is finished then they will move close by there also. We werent able to see them during our trip to see Roger as I didnt have an addy or my cell phone that had her phone # :( Next time...their new home should be ready by the end of October!

Mikes family is going on a cruise - They will all be gone for 5 days - down to Mexico ! That is too far to be away from my cats and home and on a boat :(

Dont think I could deal with that - so we are staying home and will go to the cabin for a few days and to Michaeles for the Weekend for a car show at the Park and Kaylenes Volleyball tournament...they won all 3 games today so they are in first place! Will go early in the morning.
Michaele had a wisdom tooth pulled on Thursday- It seems to be doing ok - thank goodness - they can be a pain!
Bobbi, Rick and the girls went to Knotts Berry Farm today and will be home tomorrow - This is what Bobbi wanted to do for her Birthday Sure sounds like fun!!! Been many years since we went to Knotts or Disneyland - They are tooo dang expensive!!!

Well, the weather is still quite hot and Im loving it - just not ready for Daylight savings time to be over in November, but sure am glad the new TV season is starting this coming Sunday. Reruns Suck!

Dgital Scapping Garden all of a sudden is closed - we went through when the Scrapping Gardendid the same thing....Pam, Jacque, Wendy, Dee, Chunlin, and the rest of the girls are hopefully going to have a new home soon. Pam is trying to buy a store but having a bit of a problem as the contract has been signed and the check sent and no word from the lady....Eeeks, now that is really scarey.
I hpe to have a new scrapping gallery soon - I have a few layouts Ive done but it just doesnt seem the same posting in the forums under the challenges.
We are now at sKrap Happens - stop on by and visit with us.
Here are a few layouts Ive done this month - havent been home much but there are a few.

My September Desktop:

Kori, Ruth and Roz

Kori's 1st day of School:

Kay and Kori - 1st day of School: