Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April is almost over!

OH my Easter has just shot past us once again!!!
Yikes - where has time gone.....seems the days, weeks and months are flying by.

I have been doing my scrapping at Digital Scrap Garden and also playing Mafia Wars and Vampire Wars on facebook. Along with keeping the house clean, shopping, visiting and traveling, there is not much time left over....I still havnt gotton
a freebie up for yu yet :( I'm sorry.

Michaele and I completed the ADSR 5 Challenges and were picked as 2nd runner ups to the Grand Prize.....we have received several coupons for kits from various designers and sites. Thank you all, they are gorgeous and hope I can use them all!.

Expecting company up tomorrow, so lots of cleaning to do since we are only home a couple days a week or so....and will try to put some of my layouts up to keep family updated,,,

Cousin Mary in England is doing ok with all the Volcanic Ash - she is going to Spain for a few weeks to get away from it....what a mess huh!!! I remember when Mt. St. Helens erupted many many years ago - and we were in CA - it was in OR!!! Ash all over everthing and I still have a bottle of the dust/ash that our Salesman Wes Clark brought down for me when I was working for Kelite - long time ago.

Speaking of Kelite I had a call two days ago from a co-workers wife. He went to the hospital on Tuesday, diagnosed with Severe Diabetes, caught Pneumonia and passed away on Thursday - 60 years old - I am still in shock - My buddy Willie, Im so heart broken and sad to say we have not talked or made contact in at least 10 years since we moved up here.

Bad thing about getting older - everyone else does too! God Bless you Willie and watch over your dear wife Ginny, son Willie Jr and daughter Krystal - my heart aches for you all.

Off to find some layouts to post :)