Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here I am way late on updating my blog - Christmas has passed and New Years is right around the corner.
I had an awesome Thanksgiving with my girls and their families here and we had Christmas at Michaeles this year and it was awesome....Nothing like the excitement of little ones to lift the spirits.
This was a very tight year for all of us but the main thing is we are all in good health and together which is a true blessing. We are praying the new year opens up some good things for Michaele and her family!

Speaking of New Year - With the New Year comes a new Digi-Scrapping Site.
Our dear friend and fellow Scrapper Pam (On My Own Designs) has started her own site ' sKrap Happens' and 14 or so of us have been kinda helping work toward the Grand Opening which will be on January 8th. Please mark that date on your calendars :)

I do hope you will come and visit us, join in the fun and games with lots of neat prizes! A whole lot of Wonderful fellow scrappers have worked their fingers off to bring us all back together and we are really looking forward to 3 weeks of plenty of challenges and good times!

Here is the ad and we will keep you posted with the Link for the forum once everything is ready to go.

Please drop by on January 7th to get the link, register and join the fun. Whoopie, Im on countdown... can hardly wait!


More Info to follow next week! I have to get busy on my freebie for you too!

Friday, November 12, 2010

November Half Over Already

Boy, what a bad blogger I am!

It is with a sad heart that we say good bye to Deco Pages :( Deb has kept the site going for quite awhile now but the time has come to say goodbye... We will miss you Deco Pages.

This makes 3 sites that all my layouts were at have gone! I will be starting all over soon!

And on the Happy side of things - The 'Fab14' will be announcing a new Scrapbooking site soon - Stay tuned.

This is just a quick post - will update later on.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wow - Its the end of September

I am not sure where my September 1st post went - it looks like it started another blog :( Wish I knew how to get rid of it - maybe Michaele can help tomorrow.

Nothin much new here - we are still traveling a little each week. Went down to Menifee to visit Roger and Marliese and went to the Indian Casinos - We had a great time and a great visit. They just moved down there a couple months ago from Prescott AZ, so nice to have them alot closer !!! Mike and Roger have been friends since they were little guys, lol...it is so much fun listening to the two of them talk about the old days - and times and friends that we found were more common than not (Rogers 1st wife was in my class, lol) Small world.

Bob and Reni moved to Menifee with their daughter till their home is finished then they will move close by there also. We werent able to see them during our trip to see Roger as I didnt have an addy or my cell phone that had her phone # :( Next time...their new home should be ready by the end of October!

Mikes family is going on a cruise - They will all be gone for 5 days - down to Mexico ! That is too far to be away from my cats and home and on a boat :(

Dont think I could deal with that - so we are staying home and will go to the cabin for a few days and to Michaeles for the Weekend for a car show at the Park and Kaylenes Volleyball tournament...they won all 3 games today so they are in first place! Will go early in the morning.
Michaele had a wisdom tooth pulled on Thursday- It seems to be doing ok - thank goodness - they can be a pain!
Bobbi, Rick and the girls went to Knotts Berry Farm today and will be home tomorrow - This is what Bobbi wanted to do for her Birthday Sure sounds like fun!!! Been many years since we went to Knotts or Disneyland - They are tooo dang expensive!!!

Well, the weather is still quite hot and Im loving it - just not ready for Daylight savings time to be over in November, but sure am glad the new TV season is starting this coming Sunday. Reruns Suck!

Dgital Scapping Garden all of a sudden is closed - we went through when the Scrapping Gardendid the same thing....Pam, Jacque, Wendy, Dee, Chunlin, and the rest of the girls are hopefully going to have a new home soon. Pam is trying to buy a store but having a bit of a problem as the contract has been signed and the check sent and no word from the lady....Eeeks, now that is really scarey.
I hpe to have a new scrapping gallery soon - I have a few layouts Ive done but it just doesnt seem the same posting in the forums under the challenges.
We are now at sKrap Happens - stop on by and visit with us.
Here are a few layouts Ive done this month - havent been home much but there are a few.

My September Desktop:

Kori, Ruth and Roz

Kori's 1st day of School:

Kay and Kori - 1st day of School:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June has come too fast!

I completely missed my blog the full month of May - I have been so busy I dont know if Im coming or going!!! Doing lots of layouts over at the Digital Scrapping Garden and loving it there.

We are doing well, getting ready for our camping trip pretty soon...its coming too darn fast tho! Im ready for it but alot of work yet to be done.

The weather has been very mild - this is the first week of real heat. Had 90 today but still have not turned on the swamp or AC, house stays cool. We had to replace our water heater last week, unbelievable - only 10 years old, what a shock that was, as our last water heater lasted over 30 years! Goes to show ya how they make things now days!

Kaylene and Kori will be on summer break officially on Thursday of this week.
Kaylene continues with High SChool volleyball summer league and is still doing
her club Volleyball with the Tehachapi Starlings. The nationals will be in San Diego in two weeks - I know she loves it - but sure dont get to see her as much anymore :( This summer she will spend a week at Volleyball camp in Fresno, it will be her first time away from home (other than nana and papas) so Im sure she
will enjoy it - we will not have any finger nails left by the time she comes home!

Kori is Kori - into mischief and never sitting still - Looks like its gonna be a long summer for Michaele :) Maybe we will bring her over for a few days and take her shopping and to see Gramma Rosie, something differnt for a change :)

Here are a few layouts I did today - well, wont let me upload them, so will just post one of the beautiful rose that bloomed the other day...Joe and Carol gave the plant to me for my birthday last year - isnt is gorgeous! Have to get all my challenge layouts done before mid month due to vacation!!! The whole month is shot!

Hope ya all have a great summer in case I dont get back soon. Hugs and leave me some lovin to let me know youve been her - would make my day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April is almost over!

OH my Easter has just shot past us once again!!!
Yikes - where has time gone.....seems the days, weeks and months are flying by.

I have been doing my scrapping at Digital Scrap Garden and also playing Mafia Wars and Vampire Wars on facebook. Along with keeping the house clean, shopping, visiting and traveling, there is not much time left over....I still havnt gotton
a freebie up for yu yet :( I'm sorry.

Michaele and I completed the ADSR 5 Challenges and were picked as 2nd runner ups to the Grand Prize.....we have received several coupons for kits from various designers and sites. Thank you all, they are gorgeous and hope I can use them all!.

Expecting company up tomorrow, so lots of cleaning to do since we are only home a couple days a week or so....and will try to put some of my layouts up to keep family updated,,,

Cousin Mary in England is doing ok with all the Volcanic Ash - she is going to Spain for a few weeks to get away from it....what a mess huh!!! I remember when Mt. St. Helens erupted many many years ago - and we were in CA - it was in OR!!! Ash all over everthing and I still have a bottle of the dust/ash that our Salesman Wes Clark brought down for me when I was working for Kelite - long time ago.

Speaking of Kelite I had a call two days ago from a co-workers wife. He went to the hospital on Tuesday, diagnosed with Severe Diabetes, caught Pneumonia and passed away on Thursday - 60 years old - I am still in shock - My buddy Willie, Im so heart broken and sad to say we have not talked or made contact in at least 10 years since we moved up here.

Bad thing about getting older - everyone else does too! God Bless you Willie and watch over your dear wife Ginny, son Willie Jr and daughter Krystal - my heart aches for you all.

Off to find some layouts to post :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh My Gosh- Where did March Go???

Wow, now was that a fast month or what? I cant believe I started the ADSR Challenge with Michaele and we are finished and I didnt even get our layouts posted here - or anything else for that matter.
It has been very busy with the ADSR, the crazy weather we have been having.
Had Rosie in the Hospital for a week and hospital visits daily will really
knock ya for a loop, sure did me! Trying to keep up with challenges - well
not doing well in that dept. I had to drop Deco Pages Sunshine Team, my heart
was just not in it and not enough time in a day to be a good team member.

Having fun at Digital Scrapping Garden - I think I have found my home...After
The Scrapping Garden closed and then the Second Scrapping Garden tried.... and
couldnt quite get off the ground...Im am comfy and pray that this one will be
good to go for many years. Think it would break my heart if this happened again.
The bonds between the scrappers is a special one, like family and is an important
part of life.

Big Bear is finally out from under 9 feet of snow over the month of January and
it is finally melting, although they may get another storm later this week and another foot of snow! It was 86 here today and gorgeous - this storm will drive
the temps down to the 50's or lower and snow level at 3000' (we are at 2500) so
we will brace for the worse. One of these days I will get my patio cover finished
Wire brushed it today and pick up the stain tomorrow, after our Easter Grocery Shopping and GrammaRosie visit is done. So will have to wait for dry weather again.

Hope everyone has a Blessed Easter and I will be back when I have more time and have made some goodies to share.

Love ya all.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ADSR 5- Is Under way

Well, the Amazing Digi Scrap Race is underway!
This year Michaele and I are once again participating and are the Scrapzone Mama's, Team 63

We have just started week 1 and have each posted our 1st layouts
The requirements for Challenge 1 are:

A Layout about your Partner - Introduce your partner,tell something about them and describe them by using 5 words.
We must also scraplift a layout from their Gallery to do our layout with.

We both had a ball doing these and Michaele got Petal of The Day at The Digi Scrap Garden and I got Layout of the Day at Deco Pages -
We are truly Honored, as there are so many great layouts out there.

Here is Michaeles layout about her partner - Me, her Mom :)

And here is my layout of my Partner, Michaele:

Here is a link to our layout forum where we post our layouts as we complete them.

Stay tuned - more to come :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Blissful Heart - Starving Artist Collab Kit and Freebie

Angeles DigiScraps has given us an absolutly adorable Valentines kit to add to our Stash!
Here is my layout Using Jennifers Blissful Heart Kit of my Daughter and her Husband on their wedding Day :)

And here is a preview of Jennifers kit.

Blissful Heart is part of the February 2010 Starving Artist Collab kit. Jennifers contribution is a FULL SIZED KIT and includes:
14- 12x12 papers and 27 elements all created at 300 dpi and saved in jpeg and png files. Here's the list of 27 elements included:
4 lace trimmed heart tags
2 lace
2 dotted ribbons
2 cardboard frames
2 eyelet bows
2 cupcakes
1 candy spill
1 chicken wire element w/hearts
1 cameo
1 butterfly element
3 heart shaped brads
4 bows

Link to the kit: Deco Pages

Dont forget to stop by Michaele's Thread at Deco Pages for the Sketch/Template Challenge this month... here is a peek at my layout using her cute template:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Freebie

Hi Everyone - Recouping from a rainy rainy week here in the Southern CA Desert - We sure had a bunch and are expecting more this evening for another couple of Days.

Just wanted to do a little promo here for Michaele's new Kit Oxford Romance!
With Valentines day coming up it will be perfect for those great Photos you will all be taking :)

I have made a QP with this adorable kit and hope you enjoy it.

And here is the link to 4Shared for my Freebie

You can find Michaele's (BurkhartScrapzone) kit at her IScrapbook Store

and you can head on over to her Blog and pick up another cute Freebie!

Here is a preview of her cute kit

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wow- January Already - A Freebie

Well, its about time, huh! I have been so tired from the last 6 months I just needed a break from being busy and overwhelmed with some Scrapping and

I'm sure Jennifer will be glad when I get out of this slump and get a move on, lol....I will be too!

Jennifer has this adorable kit called Flying Hearts in the DecoPages Store

I have made a Layout ( and a Quick page for you all )

Here is a preview:)

And here is the link to Download from 4Shared - Any comments appreciated as always. Till next time, love and hugs and Happy New Year!