Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June has come too fast!

I completely missed my blog the full month of May - I have been so busy I dont know if Im coming or going!!! Doing lots of layouts over at the Digital Scrapping Garden and loving it there.

We are doing well, getting ready for our camping trip pretty soon...its coming too darn fast tho! Im ready for it but alot of work yet to be done.

The weather has been very mild - this is the first week of real heat. Had 90 today but still have not turned on the swamp or AC, house stays cool. We had to replace our water heater last week, unbelievable - only 10 years old, what a shock that was, as our last water heater lasted over 30 years! Goes to show ya how they make things now days!

Kaylene and Kori will be on summer break officially on Thursday of this week.
Kaylene continues with High SChool volleyball summer league and is still doing
her club Volleyball with the Tehachapi Starlings. The nationals will be in San Diego in two weeks - I know she loves it - but sure dont get to see her as much anymore :( This summer she will spend a week at Volleyball camp in Fresno, it will be her first time away from home (other than nana and papas) so Im sure she
will enjoy it - we will not have any finger nails left by the time she comes home!

Kori is Kori - into mischief and never sitting still - Looks like its gonna be a long summer for Michaele :) Maybe we will bring her over for a few days and take her shopping and to see Gramma Rosie, something differnt for a change :)

Here are a few layouts I did today - well, wont let me upload them, so will just post one of the beautiful rose that bloomed the other day...Joe and Carol gave the plant to me for my birthday last year - isnt is gorgeous! Have to get all my challenge layouts done before mid month due to vacation!!! The whole month is shot!

Hope ya all have a great summer in case I dont get back soon. Hugs and leave me some lovin to let me know youve been her - would make my day!