Wednesday, December 24, 2008



Off to pack for a couple days of Christmas with Michaele, J, Kay and Kori...Uncle Joe and Carol too :) Hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and give thanks to God for all we have.

Hugs and Loves!
Robbi and Mike

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wow, Ive had 10,000 Visitors

Wow, what a nice thing to wake up to. Thank you all for visiting my little blog, makes me feel very loved.

It's official - they said we got 10" - Well, thats lots more than the dusting I wished for!
Well, we shoveled snow for two days- now we have temps in the 20's for 2 nights and lots of ice - sure glad we shoveled our way in and out, cleared off the dock and patio but it still slipping off the roof and we still have 2' berm all the way around the house from that.

Hope you are all ready for Christmas. I sorta am....Have a bit of baking to do and need to get the truck in for some servicing on Monday or Tuesday, depending on the weather. Will go have our Christmas with Rosie as we will go to Michaele's Christmas eve Day (I think) depending on the weather...expecting another storm like the last one, but more rain and less snow. So will see, hope we dont get stuck here staying home!

In case I dont get back I just wanted to Wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

I will leave you with a couple layouts of my beautiful Grandchildren. (and Godsons child too)

Kori and Santa - Kaylene missing...too old for Santa visits :)

Ruth and Roz by the tree before visiting Santa

Brian and Amys Daughter Danica with Santa

I will try and get back with another freebie for you before Christmas- Luv Ya all and thank you so much for stopping by.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Be Careful what you wish for :)

I had been wishing for some some - maybe just a light dusting over a few hours - Wow, did I get my wish and then some. We live in the Southern California High Desert and the chances of snow are very rare, in 5 years its snowed once!

I had been sleeping very lightly, like a kid at Christmas DH says....waiting and listening for some sign of snow.....yesterday I woke up a bit later than usual around 7 and I peeked out the window and it was just starting. I woke up dh and said its snowing, its snowing....he could have cared this point I was grabbing my slippers and a sweatshirt and 2 cameras in hand and heading outside. The snow was not sticking - yet! Long story started sticking on everything including the cement around 1:00 in the afternoon and then we got the full force of the storm - Wow, it snowed and blowed and snowed till almost 7pm. We got about 7-9" of beautiful fluffy snow....It was awesome, but I knew it was going to be a big job to clean up after it. To make matters worse we lost our Sattelite dish and tv for most of the day, after many brushings we finally got the hose out after the snow stopped and it started working once again...didnt want to miss our evening shows!

We have a patio cover and of course our Christmas decorations, Santa and his elves in a boat and 2 christmas trees up there...well, we ended with about 8" of snow on top of that and it has been dripping and melting all day. We shoveled all the snow off the boat cover, dock, catwalks and then the patio.....whew, I burned off alot of calories today shoveling snow and throwing it into the lake!

Late this afternoon we tried to start the front yard - well, the snow has been slipping off the 1st and 2nd stories all day and we have a 3-4' berm all around the house - including the garage and front courtyard.....Its still falling off the roof! We shoveled off the berm to about 2' and laid it out so it would melt better as it was in the shade.....tomorrow it will be another day to shovel more and unbury our blow up Santa and snowmen, hope they still work.

I have taken over 200 pictures - I know a little overkill. I will remember this day always and dh wont let me forget my wish !

Here are a few pics of the Desert in a very rare and Unusual Snow Storm.

After the storm it was just so beautiful.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Around The World Freebie

Wow, I cant believe its that time of the year already - seems like just last week we were furiously jumping from blog to blog collection all these awesome Kits by 100's of designers.....It never fails to amaze me how big this is, and how much the designers give of their time and beautiful designs to all of us that use their creations. Thank you to everyone for sharing with me and making possible my Scrapping of our Family and Friends lives.

Today I have made a quick page using my daughter Michaele's CATW Kit (burkhartscrapzone) and hope you will stop by her blog (or have been sent here by her and pick up the gorgeous kit she has to offer.

Here is my layout using her gorgeous kit (and her childrens photos) of which I have made you a Quick Page to play with this Christmas.

This is such a small way for me to thank you for using Michaele's kits and my Quick pages ...I do love making you happy and hope you enjoy our Quick Page.

Here is the preview...

The link can be found here at 4Shared

Please leave me a little lovin here or in my chat box if you dl, I'd love to hear your comments.

Hugs and Happy Holidays to everyone from our Home to Yours!

Robbi and Mike

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Update on Freebie's

Hi everyone - just a quick post....We had a little shaker last nite in the desert - it was a 5.1 Earthquake which was centered about 30 miles from here - Didnt do any damage and we should be used to them by now, but they sure rattle my cage! We are all fine.

Just wanted to let ya all know that Aussie Caz Kit - Nice N Icy is now in the store at Colorline Designs. Hope you were able to pick it up on her blog before it was put in the store. Aussie Caz and Mom22(Pam) have a delightful Daily download with the cutes little kit called Midnight Clear....It will be available till December 24th!

Dont forget to get over to Deco Pages and Pick up your great Template for the Sketch Challenge this month...another great Template by Michaele Burkhart(Burkhartscrapzone). Here is the layout I did with Michaele's template and using Jennifer Rassi's cute Home for X-mas Kit also available at Deco Pages.

If you love Alphas...Jennifer Rassi is doing a great ABC Challenge at Deco Pages too....She's giving the lowercase alpha of a darling 'Sprinkled/Glittered' Alpha for the challenge and the Uppercase as the posting prize! It's beautiful....We are hoping Jennifer will also do one in Green :) pretty please...its adorable!

I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas ? I feel very fortunate this year to say my shopping is just about done...only have a couple stragglers left.

The outside lights are up in the back on the patio and dock, the lights are on the front roofline and we will finish up with Santa, Snowman, Train, Trees and skier Sunday-Monday when we get home from Michaele's....then I will start on the Tree and inside decorations - which will be minimal this year as we will celebrate at Michaele's this year :) whoopie.

Off again - will have a freebie up for you soon. Hugs

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Freebie

Wow - I can' t believe its December 1st already. Have you been blogging today?? I cant believe all the blog trains out there and all the gorgeous kits available.
I hang out over at The Scrapping Garden a good part of the days, and two of the designers, Aussie Caz (Caroline) and Mom22 (Pam) are giving out a daily dl of an awesome Christmas kit.... Youve got to go see it.and while you are there please scroll down and see Caroline's super kit - Nice N' Icy, its Free for a couple more days then it goes into the shop at Colorline Designs

I used this kit for my progressive layout and I just fell in love with it and have made it into a QP for you ( of course with Caroline's permission) Please enjoy it as much as I have and stroll on over to her blog for lots of goodies.

Here is a preview of the QP and dl link below, please leave a little lovin if you love this kit as much as I do!!!

Download here