Sunday, July 10, 2011

Here is is July - :(

Well, where has this year gone....way too fast that is for sure.

Too much happening in our lives right now to be able to update our blog. Hopefully life will settle down and we will get back to scrapping soon.

Computer is on the fritz and going in the shop on Wednesday... External Hard Drive crashed and died, Keyboard Died....Gramma Rosie had a fall a month ago and is in Rehab/Nursing home and we had to get rid of her apt :( a sad day for all of us...Hope she gets better soon, but progress is very 90 we can only pray for peace in her remaining days.

Loosing Brother Joe was the beginning of our sadness in our lives, have still not fully recovered from that shock, Derby was the last one at Mc Grath, a bittersweet week filled with tears of Goodbyes to Joe and Mc Grath.

I will be back when life settles down...Love and Hugs to any who are looking for me.
Im in hiding and not sure when Ill be back

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